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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get the latest NHS information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19).

How are appointments now working at the surgery?

All on the day acute appointment requests will in the initial instance be provided as remote appointments ie Telephone/Video consultations with our clinical team members. If the clinician feels it is necessary and appropriate following this remote consultation you will be invited to attend the surgery for a face to face appointment at a designated site. You will need to bring a face covering to your appointment.

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Am I at Risk and should I be staying at home?

From 1 August, the government will pause shielding unless the transmission of COVID-19 in the community starts to rise significantly.

This means:

  • The government will no longer be advising patients to shield
  • Support from the National Shielding Service of free food parcels, medicine deliveries and care will STOP
  • NHS Volunteer Responders will carry on delivering the food you buy, prescriptions and essential items to you if patients need it
  • Patients will still be at risk of severe illness if they catch coronavirus, so advised to stay at home as much as possible and take precautions if out.
  • Patients can go to work, as long a the workplace is COVID-secure but carry on working from home if they can
  • Children who are clinically extremely vulnerable can go back to school (when the rest of their class goes back)
  • Patients can go outside to buy food, go to places of worship and for exercise keeping 2 metres away wherever possible

Some patients have been advised to continue to shield from their consultant  if this is the case you will have received a letter from NHS England.

For more information please click on the following link.


Please can I have a sick note for my self isolation period? 

This is not needed. If you require an isolation note to give to your workplace please go to NHS 111 website and a self isolation note can be downloaded. Found on the following link.


How do I request my Repeat Prescription?

Due to minimising patient contact at the surgery and also our local pharmacies, where possible, we are asking patients to sign up for online services to request you repeat medication. You can do this by calling the surgery and verifying your details with a call handler who will then send your account details through a text message and/or email. However if this is not possible then patients can drop off repeat prescription requests at the surgery. Alternatively some pharmacies can order repeat prescription requests on the patients behalf, please contact your local pharmacy to arrange this.


How do I collect my prescription?

We Endeavour to continue to provide a repeat prescription service to all of our patients. In order to provide a safe and accessible service we are asking all patients to nominate a pharmacy. You can do this through your usual pharmacy or by calling the surgery, for more information about nominated pharmacies please click on the following link 


I would like my prescriptions delivered from now on, how can I arrange this? 

Please contact your local pharmacy to discuss if this is possible. If you are in the at risk group, self isolating and struggling to find a pharmacy please call us so that we can help, we have made arrangements with several pharmacies locally who will deliver prescriptions.


Can I have more than my usual supply of medication on repeat? 

It is not appropriate to change repeat medications onto any longer duration than is usually issued to you on a regular basis, it is not possible for 6 months repeats to be given. If guidance changes then we will follow this when released. 


Can I request my medication earlier than needed? 

We will only issue medication a week early.


Can I have a rescue pack of steroids or antibiotics?

If you have previously been issued these for COPD then these will be available as per your individual care plan. It is not standard practice to issue rescue packs on the basis of ‘just in case’. Therefore, asthma patients who have never been issued rescue packs will not be prescribed them. There is no shortage of these supply items and it is safest to review a patient at the time of clinical need with regards to this


What about my routine smear that is due?

Smear Screening is running as usual. If you are due for your cervical smear you will be invited either by letter or text message.


I have been asked to completed a blood test. How do I do this? 

We are now offering an in house phlebotomy service, please contact the surgery to book in for this appointment if you require a blood test. Alternatively the local phlebotomy service has published a useful information leaflet.


I have a hospital appointment coming up, will this still be on?

The hospital will inform you directly of any changes to hospital appointments, please follow public health guidance if you feel this travel would be non-essential and let the hospital know of your decision. Any future referrals made will be going through the hospital advice and guidance service in the first instance.


How Do I Become an NHS Volunteer?

If you would like to become an NHS Volunteer please follow the following this link

Information about Steroid Injections and Covid-19


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