Equipment Loan for monitoring

On an annual basis we invite patients with long term conditions to review their medication and general health. During Covid-19 following national guidelines we have not been able to offer the same degree of access to routine monitoring.

As part of our commitment to high quality care, the practice invites certain groups of patients in for an annual review of their condition and medication. In order to achieve this we have developed an equipment loan service to help patients monitor their blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart rate @Home


Why is blood pressure monitoring important?

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a risk factor that can increase your chance of developing heart disease, stroke, or other serious conditions. Treatment includes changing various lifestyle risk factors such as diet, exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking, as well as starting medication that can lower your blood pressure.

We would encourage all patients to provide us at least annual blood pressure readings.


How do I take my blood pressure?

To take your blood pressure you will need a blood pressure monitor. If you do not have one we can loan you one. You can do this by filling this form and  submit an admin query.



The following resources provide information on blood pressure and hypertension.


Blood Pressure NHS Videos

British Heart Foundation

Blood Pressure Association


Oxygen Saturation

In certain situations we try to monitor the levels of oxygen in your blood.

Oxygen is carried around in your red blood cells by a molecule called haemoglobin. Pulse oximetry measures how much oxygen the haemoglobin in your blood is carrying. This is called the oxygen saturation and is a percentage (scored out of 100). It’s a simple, painless test which uses a sensor placed on your fingertip or earlobe.

If this is required we can loan an Oxygen Saturation for this purpose.


Here is some instructions in using an Oxygen Saturation probe


More information about tests to measure your oxygen levels please see the following resources:

Breathing Problems NHS Videos

British Lung Foundation



The loaned equipment remains the property of the surgery and will be provided in a clean and well maintained manner. By accepting this equipment you agree to return the equipment in the same condition within 5 working days unless a different timeframe is agreed at the time of loan.