Residential & Respite Care

Each bedroom is for single occupancy and there are two bedrooms which have en-suite facilities. The Farmhouse Rest Home provides non-nursing care to residents funded by local authorities or, who fund their own care. Our respite programme gives temporary residents the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stay at the home and socialise with others, whilst receiving person centred care that will meet all individual needs. The home prides itself in the fine dining experience, where the majority of the residents choose to eat their meals in the communal dining area, where a ‘protected mealtimes’ policy is in place to avoid any distractions or interruptions. The home cooked food is provided and tailored to meet any dietary requirements and the skilled cooks will endeavour to provide meals that suit everyone’s taste – giving a variety of healthy, balanced, nutritious diets. The menus are changed in accordance with the season to ensure variety and appropriate options. Prior to admission into the home (whether this be a short or long stay), a comprehensive assessment will be conducted to ensure the staff are able to meet every individuals needs. Upon admission into the home, the team of trained and skilled staff will welcome new residents and orientate to where everything is located around the home, making residents and their loved ones feel at ease. A person centred plan will be drawn up with new residents (and their loved ones) to support the staff in how best to care for the individual – taking into consideration: hobbies and interests, preferences, religious / cultural needs and anything else that will make the stay as homely, comfortable and as person centred as possible. The home also has access to a range of professionals (OTs, physiotherapists, psychiatric nurses, GP’s, pharmacist, district nurses, social workers, dietitians etc), all who support the team at The Farmhouse to maintain general, physical and mental well-being. We recommend that prospective new residents and their families come along and view the home prior to coming to stay – have a cup of tea and a piece of cake whilst having a chat with the manager and taking a tour of this idyllic home.