Teams and People

As an organisation in order to offer a wide range of patient services as well as ensuring clinician personal development

there may be times when members of our clinical team hold a clinic at any of our sites.

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We aim to place clinicians consistently at our surgery’s, but in time of leave and sickness, clinician’s will move across our sites to support all our patients needs. Within the clinical team we have a range of Clinical Specialists including Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants (HCA’s), Pharmacists and a Physiotherapist

GP Team Nurses AHP HCA

Dr J Aw (M)

Dr S Pathak (F)

Dr H Pathak (M)

Dr H Morphy (F)

Dr J Thakur (M)

Dr S Ibrahim (F)

Dr K Malik (M)

Dr N Ramroop (F)

Dr A Doerr (M)

Advanced / Nurse Practitioners 

L Scott (F)

D Cook (F)

J Welsh (F)

A Ali (M)

J Eardley (F)

C Budding (F)

Practice Nurses

C Bisson (F)

H Robey (F)

R Hurd (F)

R Pace (F)


Pharmacy Team

J Patel (F)


Allied Health Professionals

G Christopoulos (M)

C Newis (F)

D Khoo (F)

M Harvey (F)

D Crutchley (M)

L West (F)

Social Prescribing Team

L Johnson

G Sturge (F)

E Wright (F)

S Lester (F)


Healthcare Assistants

J Richardson (F)

C Vernon (F)

J Tidyman (F)

L Edwards (F)

A Walley (F)

S Emberton (F)

K McCallum (F)

B Johnson (F)

Care Assessors

K Snape (F)

N Sumnall (F)

E Taylor (F)

M Dwine (F)

M Johnson (F)

L Boon (F)


Hannah Manages this team

Our Call Handlers are a dedicated team of individuals who have been specifically trained in navigating patients to the most appropriate service. The Team is not based at any of our surgery sites, enabling a cohesive environment for the team to work more efficiently. The call handlers can help with setting up a range of online services for patients. (Please ask if you would like to be set up for online services)

Ruth Manages this Team

Our Receptionists are our first point of contact for our patients at all Surgeries.  They strive to provide a caring face to face service and to direct and help our patients to deal with individual needs appropriately.  They also deal with issuing repeat prescriptions and other varied reception tasks such as enabling a range of online services for patients. (Please ask at reception if you would like to be set up for online services)

Jess Manages this team

“Work is what we do, not where we are.”

The surgery support team is the heart of all back-end primary care administrative workload. Similar to call handlers they do not directly work at any of our surgery sites. This remote working enables a safer more controlled environment for the team to work in and also enables all other clinical and admin teams to spend time, care and attention with patients face to face and over the phone

P Holdcroft- Business Partner & CEO Loomer Medical Group

Dr J Aw – Clinical Lead & CQC Registered Manager (Loomer)

L Scott- Lead Nurse Manager

C Thys- Business Support Manager/ HR Manager

R Matthews- Practice Patient Manager

J Whitfield- Systems Development Manager

E Eardley- Group Operations Manager

J Millward- Primary Care Operations Manager

E Common- Group Facilities Manager

E Holdcroft- Accounts Manager